Road Safety Committee

On Saturday 18th July 2009 the Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee held its inaugural meeting, in Canberra. Present at that first meeting were the following members representing all states and a wide range of organisations

  • Neville Gray: # 3394 National Road Safety Coordinator, MRASA
  • John Meara: # 19590 QMSAG
  • Andy Luck: # 508 VMAC
  • John Hooker: # 19095 MCC of NSW
  • Dave Wright: # 51871 MRA WA
  • Shaun Lennard: # 30576 AMC Chairman, Tasmania
  • Jen Woods: # 21395 MRA ACT & National Committee member
  • Denis Paulin: # 16672. National VP/Public Liaison

One of the first tasks undertaken by the fledgling committee was to define the purpose of the new committee:

  • To promote a safe riding culture within the Ulysses Club.
  • To ensure that the views of older riders are considered in developing road safety policy.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information between the National Road Safety Coordinator and the members of the Road Safety Committee.

To achieve this purpose involves identifying road safety issues that affect members, being involved in the formulation of policy and development of practical steps to address these issues.

We believe the purpose outlined above for the “Road Safety Committee” conforms to the 3 basic principles as outlined for the Ulysses Club:_

  • To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
  • To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
  • To draw the attention of public & private institutions to the needs & views of older riders.

While there had been some discussion among the membership about becoming political, we understand that for this committee, politics is not party-political but simply the process we use to make decisions and help bring about change for the good of our members.

We agree we wish to speak with one united voice and follow the principles of the AMC whilst still adhering to the Ulysses Club’s 3 basic principles previously stated.

Current members of the Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee:

  • Neville Gray: # 3394, South Australia, MRASA
  • Jim Beck: # 51942, Queensland
  • Peter Ivanoff: # 18790  NSW and UC delegate to MCC of NSW
  • Dave Wright: # 51871 West Australia and member of MRA WA
  • Shaun Lennard: # 30576 AMC Chairman, Victoria
  • Terry McCarthy: # 40625, Tasmania
  • Jen Woods: # 21395 VP of MRA ACT & National Vice President

Since the Committee was formed, various responses have been made:

  • Response to Draft National Road Safety Strategy
  • Response to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety
  • Review of Motorcycle Licensing in Queensland, Submission to the Queensland Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee.
  • South Australia Response to the Discussion Paper on Proposed Motorcycle Licensing Changes, a Submission to the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure was written by Neville Gray
  • Response to the Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users in the ACT.

Each year, the Road Safety Forum is held during the National Rally. Each member of the Committee provides an annual report, and guest speakers are invited to make presentations to members. Questions to the Committee are encouraged.

As well as the Forum, the committee mans a Trade Stand during the week.