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National Memorial Day Change of Venue NSW

Posted on 8/18/2022
The venue for the Macarthur Memorial Day ride has been changed from Cordeaux Dam to Nepean Dam at Bargo due to Cordeaux Dam being closed to the public because of contaminated water.

Nominations for the National Committee 2023

Posted on 8/9/2022
Nominations for positions on the National Committee for 2023 must be received by the National Secretary by November 30, 2022.

Upcoming Events

Posted on 6/23/2022
The Ghost Town Rally and Melbourne Odyssey are coming up. Here are some details

Life Member Jen Woods #21395, LM 20

Posted on 6/23/2022
Jen joined the Ulysses Club on 23 August 2000 and aligned herself with the Canberra Branch and has remained acive with that branch through to the present time.

Winter Gear Shop Specials

Posted on 6/16/2022
This is to let all of our members know about some of the great specials that we have in the Gear Shop - just in time for Winter.

Life Member #21 Dave Wright #51871

Posted on 6/13/2022
Dave didn’t just “do his job” on the National Committee, but went above and beyond to make changes and to deliver the best results for members.

Dearnley Medal #77 George Findley #21312

Posted on 6/12/2022
George’s passion for the Ulysses Club is proudly overt, exemplary and pleasantly infectious. He has a true and genuine love for the Club and what it offers. Additionally, George has been a consistent driving force for acquiring and welcoming new mem

Ulysses Club Great Britain - Shining On 81

Posted on 6/7/2022
I’m in my Irish get-away as I write, with peeping Swallows swooping to and fro over the sunlit pond and a young Jackdaw family periodically squawking in the chimney as food arrives.

National Committee 2022

Posted on 4/12/2022
At the Annual General Meeting held at Warwick Showground, Warwick QLD on 9th April 2022, the following National Committee was elected

National Rally 2022 Event Booklet

Posted on 4/1/2022
The 2022 National Rally Event Booklet is now available

Ralf from Ulysses Club Germany in Australia

Posted on 4/1/2022
Dear Ulysses Club Members, I´m a member of the German branch. My wife Karin and I will travel around Australia from Mid Mai to October 22. In short our travel plan looks like following:

Join the Ulysses Club

Posted on 3/27/2022
Join the Ulysses Club

New website for Ulysses Club Switzerland

Posted on 3/16/2022
Ulysses Club Switzerland has an new website

Procedure for Attendance at the AGM 2022

Posted on 3/9/2022
The 38th Annual General Meeting of the Ulysses Club Inc is to be held on Saturday 9th of April 2022 and will commence at 1pm sharp, after which time the doors will close.

Agenda for the AGM 2022

Posted on 3/9/2022
The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting to be held in Warwick Showgrounds, Saturday 9th April 2022 at 1pm

AGM 2022 - Special Resolution

Posted on 3/9/2022
Special Resolution to Amend Clauses 19 d) and 19 e) of Ulysses Club Inc Constitution (2015). Proposed by John Osborne Member No. 41785 Seconded by Allan Pratt Member No. 9186

Notice of AGM 2022

Posted on 3/9/2022
The meeting will consider a Special Resolution to amend Clauses 19 d) and 19 e) of the Ulysses Club Inc Constitution (2015)

MAOTY Zone Winners for 2021

Posted on 3/7/2022
The MAOTY Zone Winners are 2021 have been decided

Ulysses Club Great Britain - Shining On 80

Posted on 3/2/2022
The Irish Wild Atlantic Way Knut Sveen their club president has warned me that there will be a contingent of Norwegians arriving in Dublin from the UK by ferry in May to do an anti-clockwise tour of some or all of the WAW, which runs the length of


Posted on 3/2/2022
Before any ride, go over a pre-ride checklist to make sure your bike is not only safe, but also legal. Check your tires and wheels, controls, lights and electrical, oil and fluids, chassis and suspension

Volunteer Opportunities at the 2022 National Rally

Posted on 2/24/2022
Without our wonderful volunteers the National Rally would not be possible and would not run smoothly, this year we have an online volunteer portal which is now open.

The Wintersun Rally is cancelled this year

Posted on 2/22/2022
The Mildura Branch has cancelled this year's Wintersun Rally

AGM 2022

Posted on 2/20/2022
A member desiring to bring any business not of a general nature before a General Meeting shall, at least 28 days before the date fixed for the holding of the meeting, give notice in writing to the National Secretary

Change of Nominees for the National Committee 2022

Posted on 1/24/2022
Alf Baxter #3284 has withdrawn his nomination to the 2022 National Committee. This means that there is no longer a requirement for members to request POSTAL VOTING FORMS We’d like to thank Alf for his willingness to nominate.

New Zealand Ulysses Club Rally Cancelled

Posted on 1/24/2022
'Tiny' Tim Stewart #8959, National President Ulysses Club (NZ) Inc. advises that "we have been placed in a position where we are unable to meet the government restrictions around group gatherings and our AGM".

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