Special Resolution to Amend Clauses 19 d) and 19 e) of Ulysses Club Inc Constitution (2015).

Proposed by John Osborne                         Member No. 41785

Seconded by Allan Pratt                                Member No. 9186


“That Clauses 19 d) and 19 e) in the Constitution approved 28th March 2015 be revoked and replaced with:-


19 d) The provisions of clause 19 c) shall not apply to any member of the National Committee requiring such information for the purposes of the National Committee nor to any member requiring information about his or her own entry in the register. Any office bearer of a Branch, or any ex-officio office bearer of the Club, who keeps a register of members relating to their particular activities, can have the member information they hold verified by sending their register of members and a request to verify the data to any member of the National Committee, the Public Officer or the Administrator at the National Administration Office of the Ulysses Club Inc..




19 e) All member's information contained on the Register is deemed confidential and is not available for dissemination, except as provided for in Clause 19 d) (above).”


This is a Special Resolution requiring a 75% majority in a secret ballot, to be adopted.

This Special Resolution has been unanimously supported by the National Committee at a duly convened National Committee meeting on 1st March 2022.