The 38th Annual General Meeting of the Ulysses Club Inc is to be held on Saturday 9th of April 2022 and will commence at 1pm sharp, after which time the doors will close.

The Annual General Meeting venue address is Warwick Showgrounds, 18 Kingsford Street, Warwick, Queensland, 4370

Financial members, who are not registered for the National Rally, can still attend the meeting.

Due to the time constraints involved with processing the Annual General Meeting attendees and the necessary preparations that take place in readiness for the vote counting procedures, we ask that members who wish to attend the Annual General Meeting please ensure an arrival that allows for adequate time to be registered and be seated in readiness for a prompt start.

Only financial members can attend the Annual General Meeting, vote, and have speaking rights, so please check your membership expiry date prior to your arrival and if expired please renew your membership before lining up for entry into the Annual General Meeting. Members must present their current membership card to gain entry.

In order not to be disappointed, please remember that the doors will close once the meeting commences and members who arrive late will be unable to gain access to the Annual General Meeting, thus allowing the business of the day to continue uninterrupted.

The Civic Welcome will take place at Leslie Park, contained by Albert St, Guy St, Fitzroy St and Palmerin Streets, Warwick, on Saturday the 9th April 2022 at the conclusion of the Grand Parade. The Grand Parade will start at Queens Park, Park Road, Warwick, which is approximately 3.5 kilometres from the National Rally Site and campsite and will finish at approx. 11 am.

Sharryn Nankervis, National Secretary