2019 Ulysses Club Rally Survey - Summary

Dear Member, as you are aware the National Committee conducted a survey late in 2019 to assess the members views of the 2019 National Rally held at Mornington, additionally the survey also asked several questions regarding improving future National Rallies.

The attached document is the results of that Survey, the first 23 pages are all the questions asked in the survey generally in Graph form, the rest of the pages are the questions that were asked which required an input for each question.

Please review all the questions and answers, as you can see many of the answers are not conclusive. The National Committee have reviewed the results and will be considering the comments and ideas raised by members. We appreciate that many members took the time to respond.

We do apologise that this notice is late.

If you have any further comments in regard to the survey results please don’t hesitate to contact the Ulysses Club Rally Liaison on [email protected]