The National Committee held their scheduled meeting on Saturday 4th April, opting to meet by video conference. As well as the regular meeting items – the presentation of reports and General Business items, the committee members discussed the proposed resolutions which deal with the current situation arising from COVID19.

The resolutions were proposed for the continued good governance of the Ulysses Club and its Branches, in light of the various Laws and Regulations imposed by State and Federal Governments in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia.
The resolutions are based on the best available information from Government and Agencies, along with our own internal advice from those familiar with all aspects of, and implications of, our current Ulysses Club Constitution.
These resolutions were passed solely for the duration of the imposition of laws and regulations brought about by the State and Federal authorities to control/combat COVID-19, and for no other time or purpose.
This is unchartered territory for all of us (Governments, individuals and of course our Ulysses Club).

It is noted that no Government, no Agency and certainly our own Club Constitution was prepared to deal with such unforeseen situations.   The National Committee understand that it is imperative that the consideration and adoption of any or all of the resolutions was done so in the utmost good faith.
Whilst no one individual can claim proprietary rights to propose ultimate solutions, the following resolutions are all based on best available information and with all good will (within an ever changing and evolving environment).  This is unchartered territory with no precedents, for all concerned.

Of particular importance is advice received by our Public Officer from the Registrar of Incorporated Associations (NSW).   Under a combination of our Current Constitution and the Model Rules for Incorporated Associations, the Ulysses Club is required to hold its AGM within six (6) months of the end of the Club’s financial year (ie: 31st Dec) – meaning that our AGM is required to be held no later than June 30th.  The advice received advises that an Incorporated Association may make application for an extension of not more than three (3) months, without penalty. There is no provision for any further extension.

The National Committee voted unanimously to immediately suspend all current practices  in regard to all sections of the Ulysses Club Constitution that relate to the notice of, dates of, conduct of, including ballots and elections, for the Club’s AGM and Branch AGM’s, and that the period of suspension of standing orders is limited to the period of all relevant Laws and Regulations imposed by State and Federal authorities for the control of the current COVID-19 outbreak in Australia precluding meetings to be held.

The National Committee voted unanimously to hereby cancel the Ulysses Club Annual General Meeting previously scheduled for 9th May 2020 in Lismore NSW and authorises the Public Officer (John Osborne #41785) to lodge Form A11 “Application for extension of time for holding annual general meeting” requesting extension of time to 30th September 2020.

The National Committee voted unanimously to reschedule the cancelled Ulysses Club Annual General Meeting to a date, and venue to be determined as and when the restrictive COVID-19 State and Federal Laws and Regulations will permit.  The proposed date chosen by the National Committee is  Saturday 26th September 2020, in Sydney N.S.W. The venue details will be advised once details are available.

The National Committee shall approve an extension to the period available for members to register their postal vote for the Election of Officers. This will be advised very soon, by enewsletter and on the National website.  
In the event that meeting restrictions associated with COVID-19 have not been relaxed by 30th August 2020 the Public officer is to seek guidance from the Registrar regarding the Annual General Meeting 2020.
The current National Committee will remain in place until the Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 26th September. The nominations for the following National Committee are retained and will be voted for at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 26th September 2020.

The National Committee are very grateful for the work, by former Vice President Peter Baulch #27672, Treasurer John Osborne #41785, and Life Member and former National President Gary Vandersluis #186, on researching the issues arising from the COVID19 virus and the resultant restrictions on the population, to advise a solution that is in keeping with the commitment to good governance and in the best interest of the Ulysses Club

The full text of the Preamble and the Resolutions will be included in the Minutes of the National Committee meeting held 4th April 2020. 

Further notifications will be made regarding the Postal Vote extension of time to lodge the Postal Vote, the venue of the Annual General Meeting, Branch AGMs if questions arise.