Ulysses Club Norway, founded on September 11, 2005, now has 20 members. The undersigned has been president since the start, has requested a resolution, but that job has no new takers. The club was very active in the early years, with several members who lived centrally. So it is not now, we are spread with great distances, so it is difficult to meet socially and to drive on motorcycle tours. Norway is an elongated country and we live scattered.

But we look forward to arranging Ulysses Euro Meet in 2023, as we should have done in 2020. Unfortunately, everything was working we had done with overnight stays, food and excursions exposed, but we hope to make it even better in 2023!

Much has been changed because of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, but we keep in touch on social media and we look forward to Ulysses Club Switzerland's meeting in 2022.

In Norway, we have had Senior MC for many years, they are thousands of members, so it is difficult to get new members. But through my travel company 4bikers.no I find new members, and their friends are then also members. On my travels to other countries, we often hit Ulysses Club members and when we are, for example, in South Africa we often run tours and are invited to social hits.

When we see the end of the pandemic, we will again make a campaign to get more members. We also helped the new branch in Sweden, with their foundation.

We are now planning a trip to Australia in 2023/2024 to attend their AGM. There I will also offer other Ulysses Club members from Europe to participate.

Then we want everything well and run for sure! Hope to see you soon!

Best regards

Knut Sveen

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