T News from Ulysses Club Thailand:

Things are fairly normal club wise with our weekly social get together and the odd ride happening. Things wind down this time of year in relation to club activities as our non resident membership leaves Thailand for the hot season and plan their return during the cooler months later in the year. Wet season here starts about the end of May and runs through to the beginning of October so we are currently cooking it out at 37 - 42 deg, very dry with no substantial rain since November. Come June we will sweat it out until it cools and dries off in October.
This year we joined with another local motorcycle club and raised funds to assist a school in a remote area south of Chiang Mai to carry out school building and road improvements. This will be of great benefit to the school in the coming rainy season giving better access and better building facilities. 
Ulysses Club Thailand, from our local fund raising activities, were able to donate some THB40,000.00 toward these improvements. Ulysses Club was presented with a plaque from Lobo MC from the district head honcho for education, thanks to everyone for all of the support we couldn't have done without your help and support. 

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