Peter Baulch #27672 joined the Ulysses Club on 8th May 2002 and has held continuous membership since this date. Peter has been associated with the Two Bays Branch and the Southern Cross
Tourers Branch of the Ulysses Club Inc. Peter has consistently provided meritorious service above and beyond the norm for the benefit of all Ulyssians.

During his time in the club he has held a number of positions within the Ulysses Club  which have benefitted all Ulysses Club Members.
Peter provided exceptional leadership throughout his time in Ulysses Club, and was always prepared to help where he could and assisted ensuring that everything ran smoothly within the branches.
From 2007 to 2008 - Peter held the position as Secretary of the Two Bays Ulysses Branch. Between 2011 & 2013 - Peter held the position of Ride Co-ordinator for the Two Bays Branch, where
he frequently organised weekend rides away, and always led the Branch ride to the Memorial Commemoration at Mt. Macedon. The weekends away were very memorable and are still talked
about to this day.

In 2014 at the Alice Springs AGM, Peter was elected to the Ulysses Club National Committee. During this time he was heavily involved with Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year (MAOTY) together with advertising and sponsorship for the Club. Peter administered the MAOTY award ensuring that everything was covered and prepared for the annual award. He liaised with various TAFE Institutes and Registered Training Organisations so that the most outstanding motorcycle apprentice of the year could be adjudicated. He arranged prizes for the winner along with zone winners from Suzuki, QBE and Supercheap Auto.

During his time in NATCOM, Peter provided invaluable assistance to Ulysses Club members wishing to form a new Branch (Southern Cross Tourers). This came to fruition in 2016. He has also taken the time, when his busy schedule allowed, to provide guidance and necessary counselling to Branch members and attended functions, providing encouragement and solidarity to the fledgling branch.

As a member of the National Committee, Peter was required to manage and attract sponsorship to assist with the financial requirements of the club and also to assist in funding the National Rally held each year. Peter also took on the role of International Liaison Offcier, where he regularly communicated with the Clubs International Branches and exchanged information and ideas between Clubs as required. In the last couple of years he has personally travelled to New Zealand Europe and the UK where he has met with some of these Branches and also ridden with them.

In 2017 Peter was elected to the position as Vice-President of the Ulysses Club, a position he held until the AGM at the Mornington National Rally in 2019. 
Peter wrote the Ulysses Club Governance Policy, which outlines the requirements of the Club in achieving its social mission whilst remaining compliant with all relevant Acts, Laws and Regulations. This policy was adopted for use by the National Committee in 2017. Peter also assisted in the review and rewrite of the Constitution to remove ambiguity and ensure that the Club could function within the required guidelines as detailed in the Governance Policy. Peter stepped down and entered semiretirement so he could relax and concentrate on his family.

The submission was made by the members of Southern Cross Tourers Branch Committee.

The National Committee was pleased to approve the nomination for Dearnley Medal #71 for Peter and the medal was awarded at the AGM held 15 May 2021 in Orange, NSW.