The Sydney Branch Committee unanimously voted to submit an application for the Consideration of the National Committee to present a Dearnley Medal to Dave Williams #13590.

David has been a long and very dedicated member of the Ulysses Club having joined the Club on 19th September 1997 at the original Club Branch, Sydney. Over the 30 plus years of membership he has held a number of key positions and been responsible for implementing worthy changes. In recent years David has suffered a number of major health issues including one which have been life threatening. Despite this he has continued to work tirelessly for the betterment and stability of the Ulysses Club and particularly the Sydney Branch. He has also been active within the Hills Branch.
David has held the positions of Vice President and more recently the Branch Secretary in the Sydney Branch.

Attendance at the Sydney Branch Meetings has dropped quite substantively over the years as other Branches have formed, members have "ridden on" or taken other interest in their mature years. David, together with input from the committee, initiated a drive to recruit new members and also attract previous Sydney Branch members to again participate in activities with the Branch. This has been very successful and is keeping the Branch healthy and growing with number often around 40 at meetings.

As we are all aware leading by example enables groups to bond and grow together. David has always been a great supporter of the annual AGM and Rally events through his attendance and drive to get members to attend and enjoy the events. Despite his illness he sometimes volunteers to be the ride leader to help fill the occasional gap due to the lack of volunteering for this role.

Each year the Sydney Branch holds an Odyssey in selected usually small town in NSW. David was involved in selection of suitable venues and worked with the local clubs, councils and other authorities to ensure it is a successful event. These Odysseys are attended by other Branches from far and wide, regularly including interstate, and again helps the Ulysses Club to retain ongoing financial members.
In particular, Dave was especially involved in the Odyssey to Narrabri. He was active in suggesting a number of suitable towns in North Western NSW . Moree, Narrabri, Glen Inness and lnverell were chosen. He then liaised with the Councils, Tourist centres and suitable venues and arranged representatives for the committee to meet at each location. This was his last Odyssey as Committee member (Secretary).

Despite his current ill health David continues to be active within the Branch and generously offers to assist the Committee in whatever way he can.

The National Committee was pleased to approve the nomination for a Dearnley Medal for Dave and the medal was awarded at the AGM held 15 May 2021 in Orange, NSW.