The Ulysses Club Inc. Lockyer Branch nominated Neil Jeffery #57534 for the Dearnley Medal for his work in supporting and promoting the Ulysses Club in South East Queensland.
Neil Jeffery, aka Binge, joined the Ulysses Club Inc. on 8th June 2010. Since he joined, he has been a valued member of the Lockyer Branch who has eagerly volunteered his time to fellow members, the Lockyer Branch and the Ulysses Club.

Since joining the club in 2010, Neil has been there to support fellow members by offering advice and assistance whenever asked.
He regularly helps members who own VW based trikes to service their ride, fix electrical issues, source and install parts and accessories and provide recommendations for insurance, mechanical needs and riding tips.
He visits members at home and in hospital to support them when they have been ill or injured and has given terminally ill patients a ride on his trike for them to experience the road one last time.
Commitment to the Lockyer Branch

Neil has been a regular Lockyer Branch Committee member.
2013 - 2016: Lockyer Branch Webmaster
2017 - present: Treasurer and Regalia Officer, and in this role Neil has also managed and overseen the Annual Ipswich Toy Run account including the dissemination of funds to the Salvation Army and UCARF by the 31st December each year and submitted reconciliation of all accounts to the NatCom Treasurer. Neil introduced and monitors the use of EFTPOS  at the Ipswich Toy Run. The introduction of EFTPOS has seen an increase in registrations, ticket sales and auction sale bids.

Annual Ipswich Toy Run Committee Member

Neil has been an active member of the Toy Run Committee 2014 - 2015 and 2017 - Present.
2017 - Present
o Sourcing food supplies for the BBQ Breakfast (Both through donations and negotiation of price).
o Supervising security of funds received on the day.
o Account for and keep records of the funds obtained through the Fund-Raising Activities for the Annual Ipswich Toy Run (Raffles, Auctions, Lockyer Show N Shine).
2019: Co-Coordinator of the Annual Ipswich Toy Run.
o Acted as the primary liaison between Ulysses, Ipswich branch of the State Emergency Service and Ipswich Scouts.
o Oversee management of individual responsibilities of other committee members.
General Branch Involvement

Neil is actively involved in the organising and running the regular branch activities such as:
Birthday Bash,
Christmas Party,
Family Day.
Commitment to the Ulysses Club
Neil actively promotes the Ulysses Club in the following ways:
 - Promoting participation by membership of Ulysses Club Inc. in Ipswich City Council Easter and Christmas Parades.
 - Organised a Ulysses Club Stand at the All Bikes Day at Willow Bank Raceway in 2017 and 2018. (Note: the event did not occur in 2019.)
 - Discussing the Ulysses Club and inviting interested parties to come to an info night when selling Ipswich Toy Run Raffle tickets at shopping centres around Ipswich.
 - Approaches fellow riders when out and about and tells them about the Ulysses Club and its principles.
 - Assists the Warwick Branch to promote the Ulysses Club at the Queensland  round of the Australian Super Bikes Championship at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick.
 - Volunteers in Working Bees on clean-up of SEQ Memorial Gardens.
 - Makes himself available to help other Club members, whether it is bikes, trikes or house related assistance that is required.
 - Regularly visits and supports the many South East  Queensland  Branches  by organising branch members to attend their signature events such as  the  Redcliffe Poker Run, Warwick's BTAB Rally and Mt Lindesay's Toy Run.
 - Promotion of the principles of the Ulysses Club and UCARF to local and national businesses while seeking support for the Ipswich Toy Run as detailed previously in this document.

While Neil Jeffery prefers to work quietly behind the  scene  as  a  support  officer  and organiser, he is more than capable of leading and directing the Lockyer Branch when or if required. In the absence of the Lockyer President at the Info Night, he takes on the role  of 'chair' and does what is needed.
Neil Jeffery brings to the Ulysses Club Inc. and the Lockyer Branch a dedication and commitment  that inspires  others to  do the best job they can. He has a relaxed  demeanour, is very approachable and works hard to  achieve  what is best for  the  club and its members. He embodies the spirit of a Ulyssean who would give you the shirt off his back.
The evidence provided in this application demonstrates that Neil Jeffery not only is committed to the principles of the Ulysses Club, but he also provides outstanding service to both the Lockyer branch in particular, and the members of the Ulysses Club Inc. generally.
As the Dearnley Medal is awarded for outstanding service to the Ulysses Club, it is the opinion of the Lockyer Branch Committee that Neil Jeffery (#57534) exceeds the criteria and would make a worthy recipient.

The National Committee was pleased to approve the nomination and Neil was presented with Dearnley Medal #76 at the AGM held 15 May 2021 in Orange, NSW.