The Hills Branch Committee unanimously voted to submit a nomination for the Dearnley Medal to George Findley, member number  21312.

George joined the Ulysses Club in 1998. He initially aligned with the Sydney Branch serving as Treasurer. When NatCom approved the formation of the Hills Branch in 2001, George became one of the founding members of the Hills Branch. He distinguished himself by holding the position of Treasurer for the next 10 years. His attention to detail and absolute focus on accountability of financial matters set the standard for transparent professional financial reporting and has seen the Branch flourish and financially well managed. 
Throughout George’s involvement in the Ulysses Club, George has been a dedicated and vocal advocate for the Ulysses Club wherever he went. He actively promotes the values, ethics and objectives of the Club. George consistently ‘talks-up’ the Ulysses Club and what it offers to members and promotes social interactions for older riders. Indeed, it would not be an overstatement to say that George is one of Ulysses’ most avid advocates.

George’s passion for the Ulysses Club is proudly overt, exemplary and pleasantly infectious. He has a true and genuine love for the Club and what it offers. Additionally, George has been a consistent driving force for acquiring and welcoming new members. 
Since the time that NatCom appointed the Hills Branch as Scrutineers for each National AGM, George has been actively instrumental in managing the Scrutineering function at every AGM (together with Mike Ham [Dearnley Medal # 53] and more recently, Chris Bell [Telemachus Medal]). This contribution spans several months of pre-planning and a high level of communication with Hills members, the AGM Venue management and NatCom. That work has undoubtedly aided the success of the Scrutineering function for National AGM’s. 
As part of the Scrutineering function for the 2020 deferred AGM (due to COVID), George attended the NatCom office and collected all the postal votes for the 2020 election. He then organised for the professional shredding of those votes and issued a certification validating the shredding. This also goes above and beyond. 

On several occasions, George has been an essential reference point for Ulysses Club matters and often gives advice as to Ulysses Club constitutional questions. 
Importantly, for many years, George has been the driving force and organiser of various Branch members attending at the Ulysses Club Memorial Day at the Cordeaux Dam. On the same weekend, this event coincides with the Annual Hills Branch Boys Weekend Away and, simultaneously, Girls Weekend away (2 separate functions) both of which are highly interactive, social and provide further opportunities for bonding. However, George considers the Memorial Day as a significant and important event that overrides his personal preference to go away for a weekend with the guys. George has never missed a Memorial Day event and continues to organise and attend them. Such is the calibre of his commitment to the Ulysses Club. 

The Hills Branch has held several Bunnings BBQ’s to raise funds for the Branch. These events require significant preparation and organisation and a team of volunteer members to operate the stand. George consistently volunteers as a helper. During those events and whenever the opportunity arises, George promotes the Ulysses Club to every person interested in what we do. His constant promotion of the club is outstanding and noteworthy. 

The National Committee awarded Dearnley Medal #77 to George in recognition of his service to the Ulysses Club.