I'm Stephen Roberts #61432 from the Fleurieu Branch in South Australia and been a member for about eight years and one of the members approved by the government to do Historic vehicle approvals in our state. I thought I might contribute to the call for stories on our historic bikes.
Attached are a couple of photos of my bike that I have had for about 3 years and this is the story. Through the family I heard about a family that was clearing out their property of surplus things, and in it was an old motorcycle.

It turns out the owner had passed away and the brother in law of the widow was handling the sales,  so I contacted him as I had been looking for an old bike to repair for a while. On arriving at the home I was taken to the shed expecting to see a complete bike tucked away in a corner, but I was surprised to see two Triumph wheels hung on the shed wall and boxes of carefully wrapped parts.

The parts had been sitting there since 1992 since it had been crashed and the owner had started to rebuild the motor but had given up.
The bike is a Triumph Daytona 500cc 1973 made only 2 months before the factory stopped making them as Triumph in England was close to shutting down. This bike had been previously owned by the oldest brother in the family and then was passed on to the brother that passed away, so it had been in the family for some time.

When I brought the bike parts home I thought "Where do I start?" and quickly realized that the motor needed to go to a specialist as I had never worked on an engine this old, and found a local guy to do this. It had only done twenty odd thousand miles from new so I thought it would not cost much. Ha ha you can see I was used to japanese motors!

The rest of the rebuild I did myself consulting every source I could find, trying to keep the theme that this bike was going to be RIDDEN not Hidden, using as many of the original components as possible. In time this proved to be a mistake with some things like original foot rubbers etc as they crumbled in no time flat. 
But here it is, it's been on quite a few club rides, it looks a bit worn and scratched in some parts up close but for me it's a bit of motorcycling history and even after 50 years of riding all sorts of motorcycles I feel king of the road riding this, and feel  good that I put this together with my own two hands.
Thank You 
Stephen Roberts 
# 61432