Will Lush – Adelaide, SA

I am 20 years old, and I am a third-year motorcycle mechanic. From as young as I can remember I've been involved in motorbikes. I was introduced to riding at the age of 4, starting off on a Yamaha Peewee 50. I have owned a variety of dirt bikes over the years and have competed in MX, flat track and recently off-road racing, all through my local Mud ‘n’ Tars motorcycle club.

My Dad would always “hot up” the bikes that I rode (even the Peewee!) and I would try my best to get involved and learn. Thankfully over the years some information eventually stuck….

In high school, I received an opportunity in high school to do some work experience at Victor motorcycles. I really enjoyed this which helped me to decide that I would like to pursue a career in the field.

With dad’s support, I managed to get another week of work experience. This time in Queensland with Fred Badcock from Procycle Dyno. I spent the week getting slightly involved with the performance enhancement side of the trade, again reaffirming my decision to move into the trade.

I started my apprenticeship at Moto Adelaide in 2017. Like many others in my trade school class, I spent a lot of time building and cleaning bikes, changing tyres and completing basic services. As time progressed so did that jobs, and I started working on more complex machines and learning about the use of computers and diagnostics.

I enjoy working on BMWs, mainly because they require a different type of thinking to the Japanese manufacturers. This is good because I now have some knowledge of CAN bus systems, which will help in the future. The range of bikes and brands I work on at Moto Adelaide have also given me a range of experience, from farm machinery all the way to sports bikes and side by sides.

I never really thought about being nominated for this award. Being nominated gave me some much needed motivation at work, however it is bitter sweet because I'm looking at what I do in a harsher light due to me being expected to perform as an apprentice of the year, with this being said it also gave me a small boost in confidence. Being nominated or even winning would mean a lot to me in the form of a strong reference of performance as a mechanic, which will help further down the track with my five-year goals.

As for my “where I see myself in five years”, I hope to stay in the industry whether that be at Moto Adelaide or working for my Dad in the performance enhancement side of the trade. If my ‘stars align’ and given the opportunity, I would love to have a go at being a mechanic for a race team. This would not only be good experience for me as a mechanic, if I find the right team I’m sure I would enjoy it also.