Stefan Bajic – Victoria – Geelong Harley-Davidson

Stefan Bajic is a bright young man that knows the value of real opportunity. As a first-generation Australia of Serbian immigrants Stefan takes full advantage of the opportunities that come his way.

When asked “What does the Ulysses Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year mean to you?” Stefan said it would be a massive achievement, a great honour, and ‘recognition of all my hard work and determination’. As employer, mentor and trainer to Stefan, Geelong Harley-Davidson would be extremely proud if Stefan won the Ulysses MAOTY as it would endorse and reinforce the belief we have in him as a person, his abilities and his future in this industry and our business.

Stefan’s strong character and great work ethic comes from his parents, Duśan and Vicky. Duśan has a background wording in Michelin Star restaurants before starting his own business as a trainer and assessor in the hospitality industry. On top of being a full time Mum, Vicky has a long career in business administration. Stefan also has an older sister Ally and a Labrador, Willow. Thanks to Stefan’s cultural heritage he is bilingual in English and Serbo-Croatian.

Having been riding motorcycles since he was 14, Stefan still commutes to and from work each day on his road bike and spends many weekends working on and riding his motocross bike on tracks and trails. Stefan’s hobbies include all things motorcycles, various motorsports, footy, cricket and learning new things.

Stefan’s enjoyment of learning new things was again evidenced last week when he jumped at the opportunity to obtain his forklift licence. Stefan also put his had up faster than one of our fully qualified technicians when offered the chance to learn to use the dynamometer. He is now trusted to do full dyno runs and only needs assistance when the results don’t meet expectations. His thirst for knowledge continues at trade school with Stefan only have two modules to complete before he obtains his Master Technician status even though he only recently became a fourth-year apprentice.

In five years’ time on a professional level Stefan sees himself as a Master Technician, Geelong Harley-Davidson’s head technician, and mentor to the new generation of apprentices in the workplace. He has the full confidence of Geelong Harley-Davidson and the opportunity required to fulfil his ambition.

On a personal level he hopes to be on his way to home ownership and to have seen more of the world. Whilst not a world traveller yet, Stefan spent six weeks in Serbia learning about his heritage and culture. He has also had a holiday in Bali and has travelled throughout Australia.