National President - Memorial Day

Fellow Ulysses Club members,

December 2023 marks forty years of the Ulysses Club.

What a great achievement for our Club. Forty years of friendships, rides and events. Sadly, it also means we may have seen friends and colleagues ride on.

On the second Sunday in September every year, we officially remember those who have ridden on. We celebrate their lives and keep the memories going. This year Memorial Day is on the tenth of September.

We will get together, share stories and memories and often a drink or two. We will celebrate the lives of friends, fellow riders and Ulysses Club members at events and services all around Australia.

Wherever you are, whether at an event to remember those that have Ridden On, at a Branch social meeting, event or on a Branch ride, look around you, share thoughts with the people you are with. Speak to the new members, make them welcome, smile and chat with the friends you already know. Make good memories and appreciate the life you have and the people you know and share it with.

Check on your mates, make sure they’re ok. Be there for each other and include those that are often on their own.

Life is way too short to hold grudges and one day it might be too late to say what you need to say.

Continue to make memories, make sure that the lives of those that have passed continue to be relevant. Just because someone is no longer physically with us, does not take away from the lives they lived, the impact they had on our lives and the memories we shared.

Whatever your journey, make your life one worth living and remembering.

Keep the shiny side up and ride safe

Allan Pratt #9186

Ulysses Club National President