The National Committee would like to wish all members a very happy New Year and we sincerely hope this new year is better than 2020.

The year has not had the best start, with Covid-19 once again disrupting our lives. The protocols learned by authorities last year have resulted in a rapid response – although we acknowledge it was not entirely smooth. The rapid proliferation of Covid-19 cases in NSW and Victoria and the subsequent shutting of borders has led the National Committee to come to the conclusion that we cannot risk holding the 2021 National Rally in Mandurah in a manner that is safe for members (we cannot be sure where the virus will appear), and because it’s a long way to travel to find that borders have closed. We had been really hopeful of being able to hold the rally given that Australia seemed to have it contained, but recent developments have shown otherwise.

The 2021 National Rally Mandurah is cancelled.

We thank the 2021 National Rally organising committee for their work in putting the rally together. We know all too well how much work is involved and appreciate their hard work so far.

We will hold an Annual General Meeting before 30 June in accordance with the constitution and will let members know details and how that will occur. Current thinking is a meeting in rural NSW, similar to an Odyssey. We will let you know details once organised and if you have any ideas or suggestions about that please email Blue on [email protected]

The nominations for the 2021 National Committee still stand and are as follows.

President:                                           Allan Pratt #9186,  Henry Rokx #28636

Vice President:                                  Allan Pratt #9186

National Secretary:                         Sharryn Nankervis #36204

National Treasurer:                         John Osborne #41785

Ordinary Committee:                     Blue Knowles #33140

Ordinary Committee:                     Ken Eaton #51189

Ordinary Committee:                     Robert Hunt #51563

Also please note that the POSTAL VOTING FORMS already received for the Annual General Meeting which was scheduled to be held in Mandurah as part of the National Rally are still valid and will be counted for the rescheduled AGM held before 30 June 2021.

Refunds will be processed for those members who have already registered to attend the rally, once the national Administration Office staff have returned after their Christmas break.