Bunbury Branch was recognised for their service and fundraising, with a Spirit of Ulysses Award.
The following information was included in the submission for the award.

There was also a ride (we couldn't remember exactly when), which raised over $6000 for the family of a young man killed in a motor vehicle accident.

The family had no money to pay for his funeral, to which Grub Kelson said "We can't have that!" The funeral directors in Bunbury arranged the funeral for a low cost, and the leftover funds were donated to the RFDS. Needless to say, the family were really thankful to everyone who donated in cash or kind, so that their son could be laid to rest properly.

Each year, since 2013,  we have a Ladies Memorial Ride to honour the contribution made to Ulysses Bunbury, of 2 lovely ladies - Carla Hart and Joan Renfree. We have a Ride, Raffle and Lunch which has raised $13698 for Solaris Cancer Care in Bunbury. 

Our largest source of regular fundraising, has been the Ironman events held in Busselton, twice each year, since around 2008. We have supplied Motorcycles and Riders, to help out on the day with getting Officials, Media, Medics and Technical personnel around the Cycle course. One memorable December Ironman (2017 I think?) event comes to mind! The Swim leg was cancelled due to a shark cruising around, the temperature hit 50 in the waterbag causing many of the athletes to faint with heat exhaustion, and then a Bush Fire started somewhere out  near the Cycle Route and so the Cycle leg was abandoned! I think our guys were so glad to get home after this day!

The Ironman events have generated some $132,000 for us over the years. From that amount, we have also made payments to other Branches who have helped us on day, so I guess they have in turn donated these funds to their causes. The regular money earned, has given us the ability to make these Donations:

$49,000 to UCARF (we have been recognized for these contributions a few times by National Awards)

$ 7,000 to Black Dog Ride

$ 3,000 to Bushfire Appeals

$ 2,000 to Subsidy to participants for a Motorcycle Safety Course

$ 1,400  to purchase a Wheelchair for Royal Perth Hospital Oncology Ward.

$ 1,500 to Bunbury Soup Van

$ 1,030 to S W Women's Refuge for sheets/pillows/quilt covers/homewares etc to help set up new Accommodation Block.

Numerous smaller donations have been made to organisations such as Foodbank, Dry July, Happy Chappy Ride and iSports WA

We have been blessed with some wonderful members, who have rolled up their sleeves and made the Ironman events a success for our Branch

- David Hazell, David Macpherson, Peter Mercer, Glenn Trigg for past co-ordination, and Steve Ingram as present co-ordinator for the Ironman events.

And, of course, only made possible by those gorgeous guys who go down to Busselton, before dawn, to volunteer their time and motorcycle, and spend most of the day chauffering Officials around the Cycle leg. Much appreciated! The main driving force behind our fundraising, is Barry "Grub" Kelson. He is a born organiser for these events - he just sets about planning how best to arrange things and before long, he has it all organised and Flyer to send out to everyone! An amazing man, in my view.

Many thanks must go to all those who have supported the efforts of Bunbury Branch, whether by volunteering for the Ironman, participating on a Ride, donating cash or goods to raffle/prizes etc - or just doing whatever they could to help out!

The National Committee was delighted to receive the submission and pleased to approve the award for the Bunbury Branch.
Former National Committee member Dave Wright #51871 was pleased to present the ward in Bunbury to from left to right are -Greg Baker, Dave Wright, Wally Roehner, Steve Ingram, Barry (Grub) Kelson, and Brenda Ingram holding the award.