Register online        2023 National Rally Lismore,   1 - 7 May 2023

The event site is located on 26 acres and nestled amongst the hills of North Lismore and only a short distance of 3klms from the Central Business Area. Lismore is located 45klms inland from Byron Bay and approximately 200klms south of Brisbane. It is easily accessible by road, plane, coach or train. Airports servicing the area are located at Lismore, Ballina and the Gold Coast. All campers including RVs will be accommodated onsite with plenty of space to offer. There are also plenty of options and diversity for those members who require hard bed accommodation throughout the area. The staff at the Lismore Visitors Centre will be more than happy to assist you. 

If you are requiring accommodation details please head to the website for all required details.

  Contacts for the 2023 National Rally
 Rally Director
 Ron Gaudron  0418 198 363  
 Rally Secretary  Colleen Gaudron  0427 218 918  [email protected]
 Camping  Rex Meredith  0414 395 458  
 Traders  Heather Knowles  0429 962 419  [email protected]

We certainly hope that you have had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year period and enjoyed time with those who are very special to you all.  We have heard that a lot of stories have been circulating regarding accommodation, so we thought would assure you that there is plenty of available accommodation!

Firstly there is plenty of available space on site for those wishing to camp in what every form that may be.  We have the site to ourselves for our National Rally and we confirm that there are no emergency services located on site following the flood. 

If you are in doubt or want to know more please visit the following website for further information Lismore - Places To Stay - Lismore & Nimbin Tourism (

Our Grand Parade is being finalised and the route will be meandering around and through he most flood affected parts of our town. The organised rides are well in hand and we can always use more ride leaders and Tail End Charlies.

While the Lismore Show Ground went completely under in the floods, the grounds are drying out well and many activities have already been held there both to support and entertain our local community since March 2022.  Grants have been applied for and work has commenced to restoring what damage was done and they are now to the point that major events such as the local show is returning next month.  We have assessed our needs for the Rally and this has seen the Rent a Tents, cool rooms and extra toilets and showers all being ordered in preparation for our national rally. 

There is plenty of available space on site for those wishing to camp in what every form that may be.  We have the site to ourselves for our National Rally and we confirm that there are no emergency services located on site following the flood

Dinner – “Return of Aquarius”
50 years ago, saw the birth of Australia Hippy movement at the Aquarius Festival that has been regarded as Australia’s equivalent to Woodstock.  The festival was held at Nimbin just out of Lismore so we thought it was appropriate to use the “Return of Aquarius” to mark its significance to the area and celebrate the event 50 years on.

After the festival some participates stayed on in the area and the concept of multiple occupancy living was born and the first of the communes were established which still exist today.  It also marked the beginning of a more diverse population which has continued to grow.  Areas of Mullumbimy and Byron Bay attracted what was referred to as the “New Age” people and Nimbin attracted impecunious wanders and back-packers.  Even today this area attracts people from many different walks of life and somehow, we all fit in together. 

The festival also hold significance in Australian History as being the first event that sought permission to use the land from Traditional Owners and Australia’ first welcome to country ceremony.

So lets drag out everything 70’s dress for the time and enjoy the night.

Greet and Meet – “May the 4th be with you”

How can we let this day go by without picking up on this theme since our meet and greet night is on May the 4th.  This unique phrase started back in 1978 following the release of Star Wars and has gained momentum since then and is now known as Star Wars Day.  It is a phrase used to encourage or wish good luck/good will. 

Since it is our meet and greet night where we catch up with those that we have previously met and as always we encourage them and at the end of the week we wish them all the best as we depart until we meet the next time.  What better way to celebrate so find your force and put on those star war themed glad rags and have a little fun.

“May the 4th be with you”