The Registration Portal is open for the 2023 National Rally or just go to the National Rally page and click the button at the top of the page.

 or clicking the URL below

You will need to login to register and if you require a login please email to [email protected] and include your member number.

Please use the  REGISTER MYSELF  button to start registration. Also use the UPDATE RESPONSE buttons as you work through.

The 2023 National Rally team look forward to welcoming you in Lismore.

If you would like to order any of the attractive Commemorative merchandise you must register to attend the National Rally and place your commemorative merchandise order by the 12th February.

The deadline of the 12th February for the ordering of 2023 National Rally Commemorative Merchandise is due to our supplier requirements.


Due to the financial commitments by Ulysses Club Inc. towards the 2023 National Rally the refund policy is as follows:-

•Cancellations received after 5pm 1st April 2023 will incur a $30.00 per person cancellation fee.

•Applications for refunds for non-attendance must be submitted to the National Administration office by

5pm 7th June 2023.

•No refunds will be provided for Tent City bookings if submitted after 5pm 14th April 2023.

•No refunds will be provided for Dinner bookings if submitted after 5pm 21st April 2023.

No refunds will be issued for Commemorative Merchandise orders after 5pm 12th February 2023.