National Committee’s Message - National Memorial Day 2020

For many years members of the National Committee have attended the gathering at Lake Cordeaux Dam which is west of Wollongong in N.S.W. as well as memorial gatherings in other place and it is unfortunate  that we have had to cancel this year’s ride and gathering.

The members of the Macarthur Branch who organised the ride to Cordeaux Dam, are very disappointed to have had to cancel the national ride this year, due to the disastrous CoVid_19 virus which has caused this worldwide pandemic. However, members are still getting together all over Australia where they are able, to remember those who have ridden on.

We have been particularly proud at the stories of members who have stepped up during this time to ensure that others have been supported and looked after in the spirit of the Ulysses Club.

All of us have fond and loving memories of those friends and family who have ridden on before us and at your gathering it is wonderful to have the opportunity to come together to think about and remember them on Memorial Day, an important day to the Ulysses Club.

Especially, we remember 'Ole No.1, Stephen Dearnley and the founding members who are no longer with us. That we dedicate a day is a heartfelt demonstration of how much we hold those dear who have ridden on before us.

Today, please especially value your mates, family and fellow riders who you are lucky to share life’s journey with. Celebrate and nurture them and enjoy their friendship and love.  Thankyou all who have gathered together to remember and pay respects to those Ulysses Club members and friends who have Ridden On.

Keep those who have ridden on in your hearts and minds always. Look after those who grieve and be there to support them. Be gentle.

Memorial Day Ode

They lived their lives disgracefully.

They loved a social ride.

They blessed us with their friendship.

They wore the “Old Man” badge with pride.

But though our friends have Ridden On,

and crossed that great divide,

their legacy inspires us yet,

whilst in our hearts they still abide.

Author - Member # 38103 Bernard Rogers